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two brothers two brothers

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Hmmm... Something seems familiar....

Alright. I haven't been on NG for a loooong time and I wouldn't even know about this movie if someone hadn't told me.
I would first like to say that even though this animation was blatantly copied off of actually two of my own, I am not really bothered. I am in fact honored to think that someone would like my shitty work enough to copy it.
That being said, it is important for us to realize that copying in the world of art and animation is basically the dumbest thing that can be possibly done. It is unfair to the original artist (though personally, I don't care that much....yet here I am typing this review...) and it permeates the stench of unoriginality. I assumed that you were a younger artist so copying would have been more forgivable. However, after just checking your account, it turns out that you are 18, and a year older than I am.
Now let's go into the examples to back up my claim that even though you have "not seen Mask before", you have managed to copy it.
First is a minor offense. The first shot featuring a silhouetted character and a leaf or something blowing in the wind. There is a similar shot right at the beginning of Mask.
Next, we go to an animated segment after the text says "to be king." The long haired dood swings the sword horizontally, a shot taken directly from Mask.
Then there's a bit where one of the guys' sword gets knocked from his hand and lands in the ground, similar to what happens in Mask.
Then there's a segment with some hand to hand fighting. One of the guys kicks vertically into the other guy, a shot which is taken not from mask but from my other crappy animation Green Brown.
The guy then falls to the ground just like the guy in Mask. He then rolls over backwards, another bit taken from Mask.
There are several shots of the two guys' faces as well as a shot of a grin, similar to Mask.
Finally, one of the guys runs by the sword sticking up in the ground, and grabs it, another shot taken directly from Mask.
Don't believe me? Just click on my user name and find the links to Mask and Green Brown from my profile thing.
So yeah. I'm not particularly upset but it's good for people to know something that has been copied when they see it. Good luck with your animation. I hope you do well in your future.

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I am annoyed by this animation

A disgrace to Jhonen Vasquez.

Seriously. This is ridiculous. This is just a bunch of traced panels from the comics turned into symbols and tweened.
What gets me the most is the song. I love Reel Big Fish but the song is totally out of place. The lyrics make Johnny out to be a little whiney bitch. If you read the words in the comics or actually understood them you would see how horribly wrong that is.
I don't understand why you used Jhonen's characters for this animation in the first place. If you wanted to make a video for this song you could have easily designed your own characters or something.

You get a 1 for the song because ska is magical.

Tobunshi responds:

Well you may not have liked it, but MOST people did. With a score of 4.15, two portal awards, 285 reviewers, with an average of a 9.05/10.00 rating. I wonder who agrees with ME?

Elite Elite

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You finally got it done! And it looks great! W0000000 Thumbs uppppp.

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API responds:

uh, thanks! I'm glad i get hyper reviewers... haha.